3rd Month Week 9

But wait you say, where is week 8. Week 8 was somewhat of a bust, shot the first coat of primer and had to wait a day for it to get hard. Then more sanding, then more filling as more defects were revealed. Very hard to work around on other projects. By the end of the week I was pretty wound up. Week nine was much better, in addition to the deck prep other things were getting done again. We had to take a rain day but at the end of the week the final primer coat was on.

In addition to the deck prep, hull sanding commenced. The whole hull was sanded and started grinding out some of the gelcoat cracks.

The hull prep has started

hull prep has started

Sanding on the exterior wood also commenced. When the deck is finished stuff can go back on the boat.

Mario is sanding and cleaning hatches

hatches are preped

First coat on the hatches, note the purple heart accent down the center

First Coat

first coat on hatches

Chris continued on the final prep, shot a seal coat on those areas that he had working most on.

Shooting primer

shooting primer

And finaly on the last day of the week the final coat of primer is on. We have 36 hrs to get the color on.

As the sun goes down primer is done

primer is on