I knew before I even looked at the boat that the engine was trashed. If I had any doubts then one look would have been enough. It had been submerged which in a Columbia 38 is pretty amazing. Though the engine is well below the water line there is a huge empty space under neath it with a capacity of well over 300 gallons. The sheer neglect that would allow that much water to accumulate is just mind boggling. The boat was tied up as a liveaboard for a decade at least.

The engine at first look, very rustic


So knowing the engine had to be replaced I started looking for a replacement. The engine is in a place that has very little overhead clearance. There are no modern engines in the 25 hp range that are short enough to fit under the floor. But ---- Universal the maker of the original Atomic 4 that was installed made a diesel replacement that was the same height from shaft to engine top. It was the M4-30 using a 4 cylinder Kabota block. It was made around 1990 and there were only 470 made. So I started a search up and down the west coast. Much to my amazement I was able to find one in Juneau, only 1500 hrs on it and in good running condition. So another item was added to the rapidly growing load for my PU to go to Napa. Here it is being unloaded in Napa.

Engine unloaded

engine unloaded