2nd Month Week 4

Once again I have proven oh so optimistic. It is the end of 4 full weeks what with Christmas and New Years break (plus watching the Ducks trash Kansas State). It has taken pretty close to 4 days each for the Toerails. I got them off with out major damage and with no real problems other than breaking bits, lots of them. It was just very tedious.

Battered Bits

battered bits

A major victory was getting into the Starboard locker and getting every thing off on that side by myself. I cut an opening at the back of the quarter berth. It will be easy to close back up after everything is reinstalled.

Hatch at the back of the quarter berth

new hatch

With the toerails off there was not much left. The pad for the Anchor roller on the bow was a victim of the fiberglass over the nuts fiasco. I could not find the nuts, most of the bolts would just spin, the whole set up was too far forward so I could not really get at the back side. The result was Mr Sawzall had to be used and I will need a new pad.

Anchor roller pad removed

pad removed

I pulled the front hatch and frame. I might have gotten away with leaving the frame and building a new hatch. Once I started on removing the frame it was too late. It was bedded very well, 5200 I believe. The Debonder did work on the 5200 but much force, many tools and harsh language was also required. Needless to say the hatch frame is not reusable and I am in the market for a Bomar with an opening of 26 by 19 in.

Hatch frame and "Tools of Destruction"

hatch frame removed