5th Month Week 17

So the last month of this work year starts. I will be leaving on or around 26-27 April to catch the Columbia home in Bellingham. I have a list of "I would really like to get that done before I leave" items that I am working through.

First item is to get most of the rough cabinetry done except for the galley. I cut and taped in a shelf for the upper storage port side and outlined with cleats the settee and upper shelves.

Upper storage shelf in place.

shelf installed

I made patterns for each divider on the shelf. Rather than try and measure accurately between the shelf and the overhead I cut measuring sticks. Easy to do with a chop saw in the forepeak. The face will be square with the bottom which makes a making the dividers easier.

Measuring sticks

measuring sticks

I use the sticks to get an accurate start on the pattern, The pattern is cut 3/4” long and put in place. I use a temporary cleat to keep it square and to hold it. I use a roller pencil to pick up the irregular contours on the hull. The pencil has a ¾ radius and the pattern is set ¾ in forward. If everything goes well it should fit perfectly.

Marking the pattern

marking the pattern

Cut line on pattern back

rear cut line

The pattern is then screwed down to a blank piece of wood that I will use as a divider. I use a router with a pattern bit to follow around the pattern to cut out the divider.

Pattern screwed to blank

pattern screwed to blank

The dividers are then installed. They are actualy parallel, the camera has a wide angle tht distorts in this case.

Dividers are installed

divders installed

Color sanding started this week, the weather did not cooperate, rained two days. Chis was able to get a few hours in. The boat is fairly glossy but nothing like it will be. The sanding with 600 grit takes the shine off of course.

Shiny Transom

transom shine

Eric recommended try out the buffer with the cutting grit so we can get an idea of what it will look like later. He said it will inspire and he was right. Just the first grit brings up an incredible shine, the finer grit and polish will be spectacular.

After buffing with super duty grit

Test shine patch

So two and a half weeks is all I have left of work time.