Week 6

Week six was all about sanding and filling and sanding and filling. The hull deck joint got taped too. It is hard to show dramatic progress but many man hours have been burned and the deck is very close to being ready to paint. Weather is going to be an issue, it has been warm enough to paint for a few days but it is going to take a space heater to keep moisture from condensing on the hull on the very frosty nights.

The deck seam got taped and finished. This seam is a source of leaks on Columbia 40's , Columbia 38's and Constellations. Actually the hull deck seam on many older fiberglass boats is a problem. This one will not be a problem again, a fillet of epoxy was laid down and then fiberglass was put over.

Fiberglass on the hull/deck seam

tape on the hull deck seam

Hull/deck seam after fiberglass is trimed up

finished hull deck seam

So at the end of the week the hull deck seam was fiberglassed and a lot more sanding and filling was accomplished. A start was made on leveling the molded in antiskid. I thought I had a picture of the current state of filling and sanding but none appeared in the camera when I was downloading. More next week