Going to Rehab 3rd year, 2014, 2015

The return of the Native once again. I am now into the third year of a one year project, pretty typical for one of these rebuild projects. You always think it is going to be different for yourself. I built a house in a year and three quarters while holding down a full time job and two part time ones. Boats just take way longer. I would be a lot unhappier if it wasn't such a nice working area and facility plus nice people all around. The biggest plus is the rural nature of Napa Valley Marina.

With my max loaded truck I head south once more, quite a bit earlier than I have before. Here is the truck totally filled with the dinghy on top in Eugene.

Loaded Pickup

loaded pickup

I have moved into an old converted boat house that has a single living room plus garage. It is 300yds past the Marina easy walking distance plus it is on the water. Shower, toilet, fridge and stove life is good.

View From the Backporch

view from the back porch

I started the normal stuff, I got in on a Sun and went to storage Mon morning and got a shock. The Napa earthquake epicenter was in the Marina but my boat escaped damage as did almost all the others. The storage where I have all my high end items is a different story. It took a major hit and the building my stuff is in is redtagged by the city as unsafe to enter. The original thought was they were going to tear down the building with everything in it. Now it looks like they may get some supports in and have a crew empty the building.

Every high end item for the boat is in this storage, winches, stove electronics windless and the list goes on and on. I have enough things to do to keep busy for several months but what is in storage is essential to complete the project.

Warped storage

warped building

Somewhere down this corridor is my stuff

warped corridor

The rest of the week was the normal moving in, unpacking getting moved in stuff. Other than the storage issue things have gone smoothly.