Week 5

Week five started with the addition of professional help. Chris aka the Paint God has joined the work force. He is a professional painter and easy to work with and positive things are happening. We started with gathering up his tools from other job sites and getting a scaffolding up. This is a big deal, it makes work around the deck edge much easier along with hull prep when we get to it.

Scaffolding around boat


By Wednesday we were on max sanding and painting prep. The deck is not in the greatest shape and there is lots of gelcoat to come off, dings and excess holes to fill. The deck seam has to be sealed.

Typical deck faults

gelcoat cracks

Cracks ground out

gelcoat cracks ground out

So at the end of the week the hull deck seam was cleaned and ready for fiberglassing and lots of deck prep had been done. It isn't going to look like much progress for a while but it doesn’t feel like that on the job. Paint prep takes forever and has to be done right.

After lots of grinding and sanding.

Grinding and sanding results

Hull deck seam ready for glass.

hull deck seam