Year Three Third Month

Once again I am typing this in the new year so I will try and do Dec in two pages

The plan was to have the engine heat power both the hot water heater and the red dot. A break in the line where the the hot engine coolant was made and a loop planned to go through the hot water heater and the red dot. The loop was to include an expansion tank and an overflow tank. I figured this had to be above everything else in the loop.

Here is a pic of the hot water tank plumbed except for the actual connections to the water system. The hoses leading in an out are from the coolant system. The heater also heats on AC power

Hotwater Tank

hot water tank

And here is the expansion tank. The hose coming up is from the engine and the one going out goes to the hot water heater.

Expansion Tank

expansion tank

I put in a brand new through hull for the sink. The old one used to lead an extremely convoluted path to a T in one of the cockpit drains. This was poor to begin with and as I am moving the sink it wouldn't work anyway.

Sink Through Hull

sink though hull

I made a run on Mt Storm lumber in Windsor and came back with a in hunk of MDO for the new bulkhead. We had it cut out and fitted before evening, unusually smooth project. With the bulkhead in Tom started working on the start battery mount and fitting the seat back in.

The battery is in here and you can see the plumbing sticking up through the floor for the red dot.

Starter Battery

starter battery

Here is a good shot of what will be under the counter and sink. The shelves are for storage and will lift out to get at the plumbing and water pump which is one of the many items stuck in storage. The hot and cold water manifolds will go there.

Under the counter

under the counter

I made a run to Hayward on a Saturday. I gathered my courage up and made it down Hwy 80 through the maze and back with no incidents and only minor mental trauma. I picked up the new batteries, 4 6 volt golf cart batteries. We got them up and into the boat with only a little old guy noises.

New Batteries

new batteriess

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