Year Three 1st Month

Once moved in then the work starts. Once again the plastic on the tent needed replacing. With the plastic off you can get a good look at the lines, time out for a little appreciation for the reason for these efforts. There is no scaffolding because it is being used on a friends boat, it will be a month or so before I get it back. This pic shows Sheer's good lines. Before I left in the spring I put on polish and didn't rub it out for UV protection. You can see some of the polish in the pic.

Sheer profile

profile picture

My priorities are get the cockpit painted and get the fuel tank fastened down hopefully before Tom gets here in Mid Nov. In addition I am working on the dinghy which is a lot more fun. I have a dock to tie it to so I would like to finish it.

I am not showing any of the dinghy work, I will have a separate page for that when I get it done. I have some through hull work not done last year. I had two holes that had to be filled, one for a former depth sounder and one for the intake for the head. I filled them and smoothed them out.

Through hull for head intake filled

filling through hull

There was an old depthsounder here

old depthsounder hole

Here are the pics of of the finished filled holes. If you use a drool bib and tape it is easy to clean up and make a good looking job.

Finished head intake hole

finished head intake hole

Finished depthsounder hole

filled depthsounder hole

I have also been nibbling away at the bottom paint sanding

bottom paint sanding