Year Three Second Month

Start of November and Tom arrived. Concurrent with his arrival the temperature dropped 20 degrees, production was quadrupled. Work on the tank continued.

I fiberglassed it in, you can see the fillets fore and aft in this pic.

Mounted tank

mounted tank

Here is a close up of the fillet. I fitted a piece of plywood to fill the gap to the floor and carry the fiberglass across the gap.

Tank Fillet

tank fillet

Here is a pic of the fuel tank access cover that we used to mount most of the plumbing. We tapped the aluminum cover for the fittings. The ones with the valves are the pick ups, one for the engine one for the stove. The PU fittings have a tube that runs down into the tank. Finding fittings like this takes hours on line and Tom has proved to be a master at this. The vent is not in place, the original didn't work and another had to be ordered.

Tank Fittings

tank fittings

I epoxied some G 10 on the back of the tank and then drilled through it and epoxied a fiberglass tube for the fuel fill. I would rather have had it come into the top, but there wasn't room enough. You can see where I had first put the G 10 on the side before I decided that would be too hard to hook up.

Tank Fill

tank fill

Got the Genoa track installed also. All the holes are over drilled, the deck core backed up a bit from the hole, then filled with epoxy and then redrilled.

Genoa Track

genoa track