Year Three Fourth Month

With the cockpit painting done it was time to get at the antiskid to finish the cockpit off. At the same time I did some antiskid that got missed when I did the deck. I use gelcoat for the antiskid. I put on a coat of gelcoat and after it kicks a second coat with some cabosil brushed on thick and then rolled out with a texture roller. I do a test run several times on a piece of scrap plywood to get mixtures and roll out correct.

Here is the gelcoat going on the front of the cockpit.

Cockpit Gelcoat

battery and seat

Here is a pic getting ready to do the antiskid around the mast. The retangle areas on the sides are where the Dorade boxes will go.

Antiskid prep forward

antiskid prep forward

Here is how it looks finished. The stainless pieces on either side of the mast are for the turning blocks for lines coming aft. The Dickinson stack is on and bolted down.

Finished Fore Antiskid

finished fore antiskid

Mario returned for a week, remember only the good jobs for Mario. Into the port lazerette and the aft lazerette for painting and under the cockpit. These are areas that I find it very difficult to get into. Mario is far superior with a brush in his hand anyway. Here is the aft Lazerette

Aft Lazerette

Aft Lazerette

And here is Mario in action in the Port Lazerette, which is huge. Its big too, as well as being very large.

Port Lazerette

Port Lazerette

Last but certainly not least I had Marion sand on the bottom, he was able to almost get it all done in the week along with the Lazerette clean up and paint. There is a lot to be said for really good help.

Bottom Sanded

bottom sanded

The new year has started well