Second Year

Week 8

I am calling this week eight, even though it is the 5th month. I am writing off the 4th month ie Feb because so little was done then. I probably had more than 8 productive weeks in by the beginning of March. This is after taking off the 1.5 weeks of getting ready and a couple of weeks off for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Two big new items. First is losing Feb. put me behind enough that I am not going to be able to get the boat North this year either. So the one winter rehab is going to go to take three years. I will be back down next fall to carry on one more time. Second was the return of Tom. He had gone home to his residence the Lord Nelson Tug which is moored this winter in Juneau. After doing his current project list he came back south and rejoined the rehab at the beginning of the month (March).

Tom got on the engine. We put the engine on sawhorses and Tom painted and changed out parts that needed it. Starting took a bit, we finally found an air leak on the intake of the electric boost pump. Once tightened up the engine started and ran incredibly smoothly. Even with out a muffler or exhaust it is not intrusive.

There is more on the engine and its installation on the Engine web page

Engine test cell

Engine set up

I am writing this way after doing so I am going to sort of make up an order in which events occurred . I got some more of the yellow cedar ceiling in, across the back of the settee and next to the electrical panel. Admire the new panel also, though there isn't wire one to the back yet. The ceiling across the settee back will be hidden normally by a cushioned back that will swing up and become a pilot berth.

Ceiling behind settee

ceiling behind settee

Here is the electrical panel and the ceiling beside it. The ceiling over the quarter berth is going to be very difficult both because of the bend and lots of twist at the after end to follow the hull shape. I may have to spile the planks back there, worry about it next winter.

Electrical panel and ceiling

Electrical panel and ceiling

Might as well put in the through hull stuff here. I pretty well followed the Compass Marine alternate method Compass Marine the only difference is I am using Forespar Marelon valves. The only metal I have in the water is in my prop and shaft. I should mention here that the Compass Marine site has many many useful how toos. The guy who puts it up is a natural teacher.

Through Hull factory

through hull factory

Here are the completed backing plates, eventually there were bronze studs threaded into the backing plates and the backing plates were epoxied to the inside of the hull. No pictures that I can find.

Finished Through hulls and Backing Plates

finished through hulls

These tasks were not done in the same week, I am just trying to get everything that was done on the web site.