Second Year

Week 2

I am calling this only week two even if it is in the second month. I had about a week and a half of actual work in November. I didn't get back from Thanksgiving until 7 Dec, I went up to Juneau after Thanksgiving for Capt Bill Ruddy's memorial service. Temperatures were way down and I could not lay up the tank top and the baffles for the new tank. I switched to woodworking. I pulled out the facing for the settee and figured out how I was going to do the drawers and laid out the cut outs on the board and started cutting out the drawer holes.

Cutting drawer openings

cutting drawer openings

Shanti Anna is a Columbia 38 that has been rebuilt at great expense and effort. She is the standard for a classic plastic rebuild. There is no way I am going to match this effort, I don't have the money or the time left. I can use ideas off her rebuild. The current owners Bill and Shanti let me poke all around her in Anacortes this fall. I had been thinking about the galley and the inadequate placement of the sink and minimal counter space. Shanti Anna had taken a bite out of the dinette area for more counter space and I decided to duplicate somewhat. My new sink area will be similar, but it will be level all the way to the hull with a micro wave against the hull instead of the multi level counter Shanti has.

Shanti Anna counter

shanti anna counter

Another view of Shanti's counter

another viewshanti anna counter

Here is a pic of the old sink that I took when I was looking at the boat, I couldn't find a better one.

Sink in stock Columbia 38 position

molded tank

The sink is out of there, with it and the drain pulled there is no system left in the boat other than the steering pedestal, none zip, zilch. There is a lot of carpentry done on the plus side however so there is some stuff going back into the boat. I am going to reuse the sink in the new location.

Sink is removed

Sink is gone

So next to go is the icebox, I am going to build a refrigerator in its spot.

Icebox being removed


Fortunately there were two layers to the counter, there is enough frame left to build a refrigerator in and hang a new counter top on.

Icebox and Countertop are gone.

countertop is gone

The dinette end is removed and the back is cut through all the way to the hull. There will be a new bulkhead and that will be the new dinette back and front edge to the new counter. The dinette will be an L shape and where the cut off leg of the U is will be the heating stove, a Dickinson Newport and a fold down table.

Cut in for new counter

counter opening

Where the cut in is the shelf ends are left hanging. The track for the sliding doors is cut off short of the end.

Hanging shelf ends

shelf ends

The ends of the facings are filled

Facings are filled

shelf ends fixed

The dinette end is cut off where the stove is going to be. The stove will be all the way to the right edge of the bulkhead and the stack will go straight up and have two 45's to link with the deck fitting

Dinette end cut off

Dinette end gone

Dinette end patched and new lid

Dinette end redone

Another week done