Second Year

Week 1

This is going to be a 1.5 week month for work. After getting moved in there was only a week and half left before going up to Washington for Thanksgiving. My first task is trying to get the tanks done, as always it takes longer than the thought. The old water tank under the floor boards was thin stainless. I plan on putting a fuel tank in the same spot. It is not recommend to make a fuel tank out of stainless so I used the old water tank to make a mold for the fuel tank. This tank was made for the weird shape it had to fill.

I used underlayment and fitted it to the out side of the tank and then fiberglassed the seams

Old Tank with pieces of the mold being fitted

mold building

The finished mold originally had outside support pieces glassed on. It rested on these and they were cut off after the first few layers were molded in. No pics, another lack in my pic taking. I then taped the inside joints with clear tape and waxed the inside also. No pics of that either "sigh".

Finished Tank Mold

finished tank mold

Eric a master painter and also a really skilled polyester guy came and did the layups for the tank with me mixing resin and running errands. No pics of this, hard to grab the camera when you are dripping resin and sticking to everything.

Molded Tank in the Mold

molded tank

I had been torn on the subject of the holding tank for a while. The only practical place for the heating stove is on the wall on the other side from the head. I wanted to remove that bit of the settee that contained the holding tank. The tank and associated plumbing stink, where they were in the head stinks. I had been looking at composting heads for a while. Several boats in the marina have them. Everybody who has one likes them, their first comment is always "it doesn't smell". The most significant fact is the ladies like them. So I decide I am going composting toilet and the holding tank was out of there.

Holding tank

holding tank

Holding tank is gone

holding tank is gone

My two middle bulkheads have the chainplates tied to them and I don't think they were well enough tabbed originally. I have retabbed one bulkhead on the starboard and installed a new one. I am clearing access to the tabbing on the port and cleaning up the fiberglass to put in new tabbing.

Forward bulkhead

forward bulkhead

Main Bulkhead

main bulkhead

So off to Thanksgiving