Building the Glouchester Light Dory

In 2003 after building the Klondike boat some of us felt like another group project. Mary Ann Parke and I decided to build three Gloucester Gull Light dories designed by Phil Bolger which we did with some help from Fritz Funk and Bruce Simonson. Phil Bolger has called this design his ticket to heaven. He said when St Peter quizzed him on reasons for admittance all he would have to say was he designed the Light Dory. There have been hundreds built, maybe thousands. Six in Juneau that I know of.

It appears to be a very simple design but it has amazing subtle curves. The forward two molds have curved sides and the construction is not as a simple as it looks. I will try and point them out where they can be seen in the photo's. I got the plans from Herb Payson at Instant Boats

two dories on the beach

My Two Gulls