Week 3

So the third week started. I no longer had Tom's help and things slowed a lot. Continued to pull stuff off , windows etc. The hatches frames really slowed things up. I am thinking of replacing the forward one with a Bomar of some sort but the main hatch has to remain the same for appearance. It looks like the hatches might be bedded with 5200, it certainly is tough. I ordered up some debonding stuff and hopefully it will work. On the last day of the week before departing for Christmas I got moving on the toerails, bolts started coming out and it appears that getting the toerails off with minimal damage is going to happen.

So toerails, eyebrow trim, hatch frames, and small windows and chainplates remain. I am thinking 3-4 days max. and then I can start sanding.

Deck Almost Stripped

deck stripped

I had to do a little more clearing on inside bolts that were fiber glassed over. Blurry picture from inside the port locker. You get to eat a lot of fiberglass using this overhead.

Using hole saw to clear nuts