Week 16

After the paint was on things really slowed up. Chris went on to other jobs, he will return for color sanding and the cockpit and mast. The week after the paint went on was devoted to clean up and then starting on a bunch of small tasks. There was an environmental inspection scheduled for the yard, during these two weeks I probably spent three days on clean up. It's OK, it needed it. I finished off varnish coats on the cockpit sideboards, no pics, did the underside of the main hatch, also no pics.

I made a pattern off of what was left of the trashed starboard bulkhead. I then clamped the pattern in place. It was not that close to being accurate so I used a story board to mark the pattern so I could transfer an accurate shape from the pattern to the bulkhead plywood.

pattern in place

bulkhead pattern

I took a stick and went down the side of the pattern and put it at ninety degrees to the hull and the end up against the hull. I then drew a pencil line around the stick. I did this every few inches where the pattern was away from the hull..

Then with the pattern laid out on the plywood that I am gong to use for the bulkhead I put the stick on the pencil marks and mark the end and this gives me some points to draw a curve with that represents where the hull is. I didn't want to screw this up as the plywood for the bulkhead cost about $130 and it involves a 3.5 hr round trip and $25 of gasoline to get another. The pencil marks do not show well in the pic.

Laying out pattern with the story stick

story stick on pattern

The bulkhead was marked and then cut out. I put it in place and taped it in. The picture only shows the fillets before taping it in.

Bulkhead in place

bulkhead in place

When we painted the deck we made some pads for the chainplates. This will make the chainplate a little higher then before so the holes will not line up in the bulkheads. I filled the holes with a mixture of epoxy, milled glass and silica. They will have to be redrilled in their new location.

Filled Bolt holes

filled bolt holes

On the forward starboard bulkhead I added tape to the hull to make it stronger and also ran fiberglass tape and epoxy from the boltholes down to the hull to help carry the tension load from the stay. I will do the same for the other bulkhead though I will not have as much room as I did on this one.

Taped bulkhead

Taped Bulkhead

In addition I cut out the new cockpit locker covers. I rounded over the edges and I will fiberglass them, then roll on the antiskid to match what will go on the decks.

Cockpit Locker cover

Cockpit locker cover

I installed the side windows with a few bolts to get them in position.

Window temporarily installed

window temorarily installed

I then cut around the inside of the protective paper on the edge of the window. I peeled this strip off and sanded the window edge to rough up the plastic.

Window temporarily installed from inside

window temorarily installed

Window edge sanded

window edge sanded

Next I will paint it the same color as the deck. When I do the final install of the windows you will not be able to see the bedding.